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About Golden Tigers Sports Academy

Turning Challenge into Change

Golden Tigers Sports Academy is a leading youth sports academy located in Dubai, UAE. Our mission is to provide a transformative sports experience for children aged 4-16, where challenges become catalysts for change. With a focus on football and basketball, we empower young athletes to develop their skills, build self-confidence, and foster personal growth.

At Golden Tigers Sports Academy, we believe in the power of sports to shape lives. Our team of experienced coaches is dedicated to instilling a love for competitive sports while equipping athletes with essential life skills. Through a comprehensive range of training programs, we create an environment where challenges are embraced, turning them into opportunities for personal and athletic development.


Our mission is to provide children aged 4-16 with a transformative sports experience, nurturing their skills, personal growth, and love for sports. We empower young athletes through specialized football and basketball programs, embracing challenges as opportunities for positive change.


We aim to be a leading sports academy in Dubai, renowned for top-notch training, personalized attention, and holistic development. Our vision is to produce well-rounded athletes who embody values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership, making a positive impact on their communities. Together, we are building a legacy of athletic achievement and personal growth.


Mirdiff : ( green zone ) behind mirdiff city center.

Al Warqaa: Academic international school 

Academic city - Silicon oasis: German international school 

Al Barsha: Al Arqam school 

Al Twar: Al Salam community ASCS


Mirdiff: Uptown international school 

Al Twar:  Al Salam community school


our offices

Sheikh Shuaib 2 - Plot No 176-0
Block J09J Commercial
Dubai, UAE.

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